Officer Fatally Shoots Pit Bulls After Attacks

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Animal Control officers removed the bodies of two pit bulls and a cat after a vicious pit bull attack in a west Tallahassee neighborhood.

Wednesday morning the dogs got loose, attacking one neighbor and mauling to death another neighbor's cat.

"I really feel sorry. This is a sad occasion. Most of all I hate that they had to put him to sleep and we'll never have that dog back again. That's like taking a human being’s life and the Bible says we definitely should not kill," said Annette Simmons, who lives across the street from the pit bull’s owner.

Investigators say when Animal Control arrived, the dogs tried to attack them. They say they then used a taser gun. However, the animals were still acting aggressively, prompting police to use deadly force.

"Fearing there were several kids in the neighborhood, the dogs at several points tried to get out and at one point, when they were close to getting out to protect the others in the neighborhood, we did have an officer that had to shoot the dogs," said LT Brian Donaldson with the Tallahassee Police Department.

Annie Biske, the wife of the man attacked, now with gashes on his ankle, said it’s frightening for both of them.

"It makes me scared to walk in this neighborhood now and I don't think people should have dogs, at least pit-bulls in the neighborhood,” she said. “I'm really afraid to go walking and I'm afraid for a lot of the young students, especially the young women to go walking, because that's really bad."

The dogs’ owner is charged with two counts after the attack on the pet cat and two counts of not having up to date rabies shots.

Animal Control says they have been called to the residence several times over the past few years and have filed several citations.

Some complaints were on barking, dogs chained to a tree, and dogs running free without a leash.