Kappa Hazing Trial, Day 1

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Day one started with a motion for dismissal from the defense.

Judge Kathleen Dekker denied that motion and the trial got underway, starting with opening statements.

Prosecutor Frank Allman was first up. He offered jurors a story about how alleged victim Marcus Jones, before the initiation, attempted to win the Kappas over through various favors.

"He spent $1,500 catering to members. He bought them shrimp, pizza. Things appeared to be going well as far as Marcus knew," said Allman, who later went into what allegedly happened to Jones and 26 other initiates one night in February.

"The individual candidates would have to bend over, point their right hand. They were then struck on the buttocks with a cane," added Allman.

Defense attorney Richard Alan told a different story.

"Marcus Jones didn't have a muscle injury. He didn't have any broken bones. He didn't have any blood clotting,” explained Alan to jurors.