Woodpeckers Moved to Tall Timbers

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The red cockaded woodpecker will not go quietly into that good night if biologists have anything to say about it.

Jim Cox, a Tall Timbers biologist, said, "They've been sort of losing ground on the Florida side, and so this is an attempt to help bolster numbers on this side of the line."

Biologists are out catching the birds and putting them into travel friendly homes. The bird will live in a box just for a few hours, and then he'll wipe his feet on the welcome mat at his new front door.

The program is called Safe Harbor. Private land owners invite biologists in to take the birds to areas which haven't seen red cockadeds in a while.

Robin Boughton, FWC Avian Coordinator, said, "Translocations in the state of Florida have been very successful. There's a number of very small populations, and most of those are growing now. Before translocation they were declining."

Biologists say this bird's not out of the woods yet, but he's certainly making himself at home.

Florida is home to one quarter of the nation's red cockaded woodpeckers.