Thomasville Property Owners Could See Tax Increase

By Kate Gaier
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 6:58pm

The Thomasville City Board of Education unanimously voted for a property tax increase this week. The additional money will fund the extra teachers needed to meet the reduction in class size amendment mandated by the federal government.

Board members say raising taxes is something they try to avoid, but in this case saw no other option.

Donnell Carley, a member of the Thomasville City Board of Education, said, "We all opposed the idea of a tax, but it's necessary to enhance our educational program to keep our children with the top education, give them the best education we can afford to give."

The current millage rate is 18.31, but will increase to 18.99. That's approximately a $25 increase in property taxes per year.

Christine Patton, a Thomasville resident, said, "You want to support the city and you want to do good things, but it's hard. It almost makes you want to move out of the city."

Billy Esra, another Thomasville resident, added, "I understand property taxes are a great way to collect taxes, but they seem really high already, which means it's going to be a rougher end of the year."

And taxes could increase again. The city council is discussing raising property taxes to help pay for fire protection in the city.

The city council votes Wednesday night on the proposed increase.