Collector or Rescuer?

The drama continues about the woman keeping more than 100 animals on her property. Her neighbors are now speaking out.

Hooch was found with a gunshot wound and two broken legs. Lincoln was found severely burned across his body. Both dogs were nursed back to health by Lafayette County resident Karen McKinster, known as the “animal rescuer,” and she's is doing the same for more than 100 different animals on her nine-acre property.

"I am doing a good thing here. I believe that the animals I do have, I imagine that at least 50 to 75 percent of these animals would've starved to death, come to terrible deaths, hit by cars, picked up and used for dog fighting,” explained McKinster.

McKinster says she rescues animals because the county does not have an animal shelter.
While she says she's doing wonders for animals, Mike Lijewski says she has no regard for her neighbors.

"Abide by the law. They don't have the run of the place. What she's doing isn't right and somebody needs to stand up and tell her that it's not right,” Lijewski said.

McKinster's kennels are 50 feet from her neighbor's yard and not the 100 feet required by law.

"The dogs are so close to it. If we walk outside and make one noise, the dogs go off. They're not always there, but when they are, you can hear them over the TV. You can't use the back yard at all,” added neighbor Christina Allmendinger.

McKinster says she will move the kennels, but neither she nor her animals are going anywhere. The Lafayette County Commission says plans for an animal shelter are not in the immediate future.