Madison Residents Say Demolition Best Defense Against Drug Dealers

Residents are hoping the city will step in to help restore the area to what it once was a safe place to call home. The scene looks like a picture Norman Rockwell could have painted men playing a game of Tonk on a lazy sunny afternoon

Residents say that a house on first and Ohio Street is one of several homes that have become havens for drug dealers, addicts and prostitutes, forcing residents to become prisoners in their own homes.

"The folks in the community they almost feel helpless and in a sense they are helpless. We want the city and county and state to come together and try to help them get their lives again," says Albert Barfield, a Madison resident.

Neighbors say the home has no running water or electricity, and despite no trespassing signs, squatters have taken over leaving piles of trash around the home.

Residents are hoping the city will either police the streets more often or demolish these drug havens.

"The city provides two police officers for the whole community we can't just send all of them here all night all for this one piece of property," says Madison city manager, Thomas Moffses.

The city manager says he's notified the property owners asking them to clean up the house and fix it. If the owner does not respond in an appropriate time, the city manager will go before a judge to get permission to demolish it. The city manager says he will file a lawsuit to demolish the home. Right now they are awaiting word from the owners of the property.