Valeka Bryant Sentencing

Valeka Bryant's sentencing hearing is now in its 5th hour, a conviction, an appeal, a retrial, another conviction. And still the parents of her young victims and the Bryant family itself are waiting.

Lynn Walton looked directly at former daycare worker Valeka Bryant, and asked the judge to send her to prison for abusing her son.

"For both of them to be in a classroom and do the things they did to my child is unforgivable, and I ask for the maximum sentence," says Lynn Walton.

Valeka Bryant could face years behind bars. She was convicted this summer of three counts of child abuse. That took place at the Color Me Kids Day Care Center back in June of 1999.

The incidents were caught on surveillance tape, but that tape with its time-lapse video was hotly debated at both her trials and again Monday.

Bryant started to cry when her mother took the stand and testified that her daughter was a caring woman and a good parent who never struck her own children.

"She would yell a lot when the children would get into mischief and a lot of times say she was going to send 'em to her dad's house to handle them discipline-wise," Sandra Bryant says.

Bryant's mother and other character witnesses urged the judge to forego a prison sentence so Bryant can raise her three children and her baby who is due in December. That sentencing hearing is one of the longest in recent years, more than five hours already. The judge took a break Monday afternoon and the hearing was supposed to reconvene at 5 Monday afternoon, but there's been another delay. We'll let you know if the judge issues a sentence later Monday evening.