Pot Seized in Lowndes County

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Roxanna Haynes
September 28, 2006

Lowndes County sheriff's deputies say they found $25,000 worth of marijuana at the man's house.

A handwritten sign requesting visitors not to smoke inside can be found on the front door of the house at 2603 Quincy Circle, which is exactly where Lowndes County deputies say Craig Holmes was stashing a suitcase full of marijuana.

Neighbors were shocked to hear that deputies found such a large amount of drugs.

Clarissa Conwright, a concerned neighbor, said, "I am very worried, very worried, and I would like to see if we can get the neighbors out to see what we can do."

Holmes was charged with trafficking marijuana. Sheriff's officials say they're glad to have him off the streets.

LT Rob Picciotti of the Lowndes County Sherriff's Offices said, "Mr. Holmes had been a large level dealer in our area for some time."

He was living and dealing in the middle of Lowndes County.

This is a very busy neighborhood for families and children. The house where they found 25 pounds of marijuana is only a few houses away from a home day care.

Conwright said, "We want things to be safe. I have a home day care. I like to know when I bring the children out for a walk it is safe to walk up and down the neighborhood."

Even with this substantial seize officials don't see the problem going away, but they say they will do their best to get drugs off of the streets.

Picciotti said, "Marijuana is the most largest distributed and used drug in Lowndes County."

Lowndes County sheriff's officials say they make more than 50 marijuana-related arrests a month. They believe the drugs found at Holmes' house came from Texas.