Suicide Numbers

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Every 41 seconds someone in the United States tries to commit suicide. Experts say every 15 minutes someone actually succeeds, so by the end of a newscast at least two people will have died at their own hands.

Dr. Gerald Falls, a psychologist at Southwester Hospital, said, "I think what happens in most suicides is that a person is becoming more and more alienated from some source of pleasure, some source of feeling good. These are psychological acts."

Medical experts say suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for while males, saying when it comes to depression men are not as socialized as women to talk about their feelings. They also say suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15 to 24.

Middle school guidance counselor Patricia Peters said, "From day to day their emotions change. One day they're suicidal and the next they're on top of the world, but we take it all seriously."

A few warning signs to watch out for are talking about dying, a change in behavior, suffering from a loss, low self-esteem, or expressing no hope for the future. Statistics show the number of suicides in this country outnumbers homicides, and for every one successful suicide there have been close to 20 attempts.

Psychologists say the most popular cause of death for suicides are firearms, especially among men over the age of 18.