Brooks County Does Away With Parks and Rec Board

By Ben Wolf
Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's hard to find someone in Brooks County who isn't thrilled with the Parks and Recreation Department.

"It's just a positive, positive energy that's put towards that one area of our county, to our youth. It's our recreation department," said Brooks County resident Julie Connell.

"I think it helps the children, the kids, they need this activity," said Brooks County resident Dan Forgione.

County officials say, however, they have found some problems within the department's finances and they have disbanded the five-person Parks and Rec Board.

Commission Chairman Wayne Carroll says that while under the board, Recreation Director Carl Rose had two conflicts of interest, one purchasing uniforms for the county from his own company, and two, running the concession stand himself.

"The profit that was made off of them, a lot of it went back into the Recreation Department as far as buying baseballs, softballs and bats for the kids," said Rose.

Despite the board's disbanding, Rose keeps his job as recreation director and reports to county officials. The hundreds of children participating in the department's programs will continue to; they'll just do so without the Parks and Rec Board.

The board that was done away with was originally formed three years ago when the city of Quitman and Brooks County merged to fund the Parks and Rec Department.