FAMU Gets Record-Breaking Grant

Administrators say the dollars will allow their researchers to forge ahead in areas such as cancer, AIDS and Parkinson's disease. FAMU's College of Pharmacy is well known throughout the nation. The fourth largest in the country, the school ranks 6th in research funding. Today, $15 million can be added to the books.

Tuesday, Claude Allen, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, awarded FAMU with a record grant of more than $15 million. Health officials say minorities are often two to three times more likely to develop certain diseases. As a historically black university, FAMU pharmacy heads take their role seriously.

“We hope to demonstrate that out of FAMU can come aids drugs, antifungal drugs and all that you heard talked about today,” Dr. Lewis said.

Dr. Lewis says applying for the grant took three months of hard work with faculty and staff, but of course he says the finished product of 750 pages was well worth it.