Addressing the "Goo"

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Wakulla County residents are still wondering why it's taking so long to identify the "goo" covering Wakulla Beach.

Officials with the county health department say they're still not exactly sure what the sticky substance is. The Department of Environmental Protection confirmed it was diatom algae last week, but not everyone's convinced that's the only culprit.

Some say they believe sewage is in the mix, although the health department says there's no sign of a spill. Bacterial samples were taken this week and results are due back on Saturday.

Padraic Juarez with the Wakulla County Health Department said, “The area this covers is about a good quarter of a mile, so it is localized. It's a good question for research scientists, and luckily we have a couple universities here that maybe might take an interest."

In the meantime, the county says it's now working out a plan of action for future "goo" wash-ups. Juarez says the county's worked out a deal with the DEP to collect samples if another wash-up occurs. The DEP would do the testing.

On a related note, conditions at Mashes Sands and Shell Point are improving. Test results came back with no sign of fecal coliform, but the bacterial levels are still high enough to keep the beaches closed.