Kappa Hazing Trial, Day 2

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Late Thursday afternoon alleged Kappa Alpha Psi hazing victim Marcus Jones took the stand. He answered a question from defense attorney Chuck Hobbs concerning how many Kappas were at the abandoned warehouse when the alleged hazing took place.

"We were blindfolded, so I'm not sure, but we took our blindfolds off. It was probably six or seven members in there," recalled Jones.

Jones' father, Marc Jones, re-lived his account of when his son arrived home.

"I noticed he had blood on his shirt," said Marc Jones to prosecutor Frank Allman.

Defense attorneys later cross examined Marc Jones.

"The only evidence you have that there was bloody clothing, jeans, is you," stated defense attorney Chuck Hobbs.

“That's correct," said Marc Jones.

Hours into the proceedings, Dr. David Fern took the stand. He performed surgery on Marcus Jones.

"Would you consider Jones' injuries to be serious bodily injuries?" asked prosecutor Frank Allman.

“Ah, yes, because it required him to have to go to the hospital," answered Fern.

Defense attorney Hobbs then cross examined Fern.

"To the best of your knowledge, he hasn't lost the use of his buttocks even to this day. Is that correct?" asked Hobbs.

"That's correct," answered Fern.

According to Florida law as it relates to the hazing misdemeanor, the state has to only show substantial risk of physical injury. With the felony charge, which carries up to five years of prison time, the state must prove the hazing resulted in serious bodily injury.