Key Witnesses Speak in the FAMU Hazing Trial

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Marcus Jones took the stand not so much to tell his story, but to help to identify one of the key players. But earlier, key witnesses did take the stand, one describing Jones' health and the other describing events that took place.

Day two brought out details of events happening the nights the alleged hazing events took place. Marcus Jones’ girlfriend recalled Jones' condition after he returned from an initiation process.

"He had trouble walking. He just seemed really tired and dehydrated like. He had been hit in the face. He had a black eye and he complained about his ear ringing and hurting," said Marissa Hall, Jones' girlfriend, in her testimony.

A member of Jones' pledge class describes what happened at the initiation including each line brother getting struck three times with a cane. Commonly referred to as a round and saying the line went through probably ten to 15 rounds. The line brother went on to show the stance each person took while getting hit.

"We probably only got hit when we messed up on somethingm, so for me I was just standing up and I really wasn't feeling good. I was really weak and I just kind of passed out because of that," said Winston Drayton, Jones' pledge brother.

Drayton also attributed his weak feeling to not eating that day. Drayton then gave descriptions of the pledges having on blindfolds made of stockings and tampons, being driven to a warehouse where Kappa members were yelling at them and hearing people being punched with boxing gloves.