Special Series: "A Home to Call Their Own"

Caseworkers in the Rose City say this desperate need for loving families may be present because parents don't realize adopted children can be just as well-adjusted and healthy as biological kids, especially when they finally find a home to call their own.

Sandra and Luther Woodruff say in 1998 their home was happy, but incomplete. Then their daughter Brittany entered their lives at the age of six. The Woodruffs say their adopted daughter brought them nothing but joy. Then they got another happy surprise.

"It was just unbelievable when we found out Brittany had a biological sister in the system that was available for adoption, we were like, 'That's our baby!'"

The Woodruffs say Brittany and Tynicia are well-adjusted, loving children. They say they couldn't have wished for better biological daughters.

"There was a lot of negative stuff about adoption but I never did focus on that... I just always focused on what contribution I could make to a child's life," says Sandra.

Brittany Woodruff says just as Tynicia is her real sister, she considers Sandra and Luther her real parents. When she thinks of other children in the system who aren't as lucky as she is, it moves her to tears.

"We're actually loving when somebody takes you and hugs you and says I love you, please do that, it means so much to us," says Brittany.

The Woodruffs say now their family is whole, and they're glad they didn't hesitate to give Brittany and Tynicia a home to call their own. Sandra and Luther Woodruff say adopting has made their lives so rich they intend to adopt again!

November is National Adoption Month. Families can find out more by calling the Thomas County DFCS at 229-227-3128. Caseworkers there say they can't wait to share what fostering and adoption is all about.