Blanket Share Drive

Echo Outreach Ministries is teaming up with a Tallahassee dry cleaners to keep folks bundled up. Echo Outreach Ministries says stewardship dry cleaners are life savers literally. They say, you have to know how it feels to be cold, before you can fully appreciate what a difference the dry cleaners and echo are making.

It's about that time to go through the closets and the old linens, but before you throw anything out, especially the blankets you might want to drop them off at the dry cleaners, instead. You will be helping to keep someone warm this winter.

"A blanket is an important item. It may not seem like much to us, but they do respond. We've already had requests for blankets. We don't have any available. We're waiting for the drive."

For the fifth year in a row, Stewardship Dry Cleaners is asking for public support with its blanket drive.

"Anybody who's got blankets they're not using, bring them in, we'll clean them, free of charge, but anything of a blanket nature, bring it in."

In the past, echo and the dry cleaners say the blanket drives have been successful.

"It went great, as a matter of fact, I think we've done if for three or four years, and it's phenomenal. Every year it gets better and better."

Echo Outreach Ministries is hoping this year is no exception and the momentum keeps going. The drive will continue until December 13. If you would like to drop off your blankets, you can log onto our web site to find out where. Always, they say right now, they could use more breakfast foods and things for babies.

Dropoff locations:

Stewardship Drycleaners

3854 Killearn Center Court
413 Magnolia Drive
3111-1 Mahan Drive
3539 Apalachee Parkway
3804 N. Monroe Street
2836 S. Adams Street
916 Lake Bradford Road