Special Session is Over

Florida lawmakers have finally put their stamp of approval on a bill they hope will lower malpractice insurance rates and keep doctors from limiting their practices or moving out of state. After months of tense debate and fighting, legislators finally voted on medical malpractice reform Monday.

The House passed the bill 87 to 26 after the Senate approved it 32 to 4. Gov. Bush says he is eager to sign it into law to put this whole thing behind him, but many lawmakers still don't believe the caps on lawsuits in the bill will help people or bring down insurance rates for doctors.

"We see just the opposite. We see no guarantees from insurance companies and any actuarial soundness as a result of the caps so we feel like this bill will end up really being more fluff than it will actual substance," says Rep. Bob Henriquez.

Critics are predicting state legislators will have to return again next year to fix what wasn't addressed in this medical malpractice reform bill.