Johnson Trial Begins

Testimony has begun in the trial of FSU football player Travis Johnson. He's accused of raping a fellow FSU student at a friend's apartment earlier this year. The victim in this case took the stand first, and testified for more than three hours about what happened the night of February 6.

The victim fought back tears as she described how FSU football player Travis Johnson blocked the door, flung her on the bed and forcibly raped her.

"I said no, no, no Travis, stop, I want to go home. He was saying something to himself, something about 'going in raw' and then he was inside me and I couldn't breathe."

The woman admits having consensual sex with Johnson on three prior occasions, but she says this night was different. Before agreeing to watch a movie with Johnson. She told him quote "nothing would happen" and they discussed bible verses about fornication.

"Are you trying to tell the jury that you didn't intend to go over there that night and have sex?"

"Absolutely not. I did not expect to go over there and have sex."

Johnson's lawyers tried to point out discrepancies in the woman's testimony and her earlier descriptions of what happened. They also hinted to the jury that the victim, a student athlete weighing nearly 240 pounds, was physically capable of freeing herself from Johnson if she wanted to.

"As a top notch athlete, you're still very powerful yourself?"

"I'm not stronger than a man, no."

The victim in this case testified for more than three hours, we do not know if Travis Johnson intends to take the stand, but since his arrest has maintained that the sex that night was consensual.