Knee Lubricant

The Arthritis Foundation says about 10 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. It's a disease that affects the body's shock absorbers. Here's a special report from Dr. Dean Adell on a new formula to help your knees.

When osteoarthritis developed in Ron Clifton's knees, getting around became an uphill battle.

"For a couple of years, mine only ached when I walked, but of course, you can't avoid walking." "Just a little jog and that's what it's suppose to feel like."

The disease was so severe he needed total knee replacement surgery, but surgery is what John Grampa wants to avoid. To help, rheumatologist Michele Hooper gives him lubricant injections using a substance called hyaluronic acid.

When osteoarthritis sets in, the hyaluronic acid around the joint becomes thinner.

"We think that you lose at least a third to two-thirds of your hyaluronic acid with osteoarthritis."

By injecting it into the knee, hyaluronic acid acts like a lubricant, coating the joint and making the bones glide more smoothly. The treatment gives john mobility and delays surgery-for now.

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