Landfill Employees on Strike

Employees at a landfill in Valdosta are on strike after their manager was terminated Wednesday morning. All 13 employees at the Onyx Landfill walked out, leaving the general manager on his own to run the operation. The reason for the termination was not clear and the protestors felt they could be next if they didn't stand up.

Ulysses Collins, who was fired, says he's glad that he's got their support.

“They told me they're going to do it ‘till I am hired back, however long that is, I don't know or when that will happen. That's the case right now. As far as the effect on the community, he' doing it by himself,” says Collins.

“We had to let our manager go today and we can't discuss the circumstances but the employees didn't get both sides of the story and felt like they needed to support him,” says Greg Walk, Onyx general manager.

An average of 200 trucks a day dump at the landfill. Employees from other Onyx locations are being called in to temporarily replace those who walked out.