"Hands On Georgia"

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One hundred fifty nine counties across the state of Georgia, more than 25,000 volunteers, are all working to beautify and better the Peach State.

Project Manager for Hands On Georgia, Beth Fenger, said, "We have projects ranging from river cleanup to foster care to landscaping to working with seniors to building Habitat for Humanity homes."

It's the second annual Hands On Georgia. The week of September 30 through October 7, Georgians will get their hands dirty and involved in the community. Thomas County alone has more than 900 volunteers and more than 24 volunteer projects.

Executive Director of Hands On Thomas County, JoAnn Bell, said, "We're just overwhelmed with the support we've had. It's a great day and we just appreciate it a lot."

Throughout the year organizations put their names on the list and how they could use volunteers. When the time comes for Hands On Georgia, volunteers sign up and they're sent to where they are most needed.

The goal is to get people interested and excited about helping people, and knowing where they can make a difference. Some other locations throughout Thomas County were the Southwestern Hospital, nine schools, and the Community Resource Center.