Police Chase Ends in Tallahassee

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Officials say five suspects stole sound equipment from two stores in Thomasville and led police and Thomas County deputies on a chase.

The suspects drove into Leon County, and that's when Tallahassee police and Leon County deputies got involved.

At about 4:00 Sunday morning Leon County deputies used spike strips on Meridian Road to stop the van. Authorities say once the chase came to a halt, the suspects got out of a van and started throwing the stolen objects at the police and deputies.

Beverly Hayes, who lives near where the chase ended, said, "I woke up, saw the lights flashing from the bathroom window and just walked outside. The Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County sheriff's deputies were strategically placed all along the road. After the car was stopped, five suspects ran into the woods. Two of them were caught by a K-9 unit, but some escaped causing concern among some in this neighborhood.

Hayes said, "It's kind of surprising. I've been here for eight years and there have never really been any problems in this neighborhood. It's very quiet."

Andy McQuary, who also lives near where some of the suspects fled, said, "There might be people around here that don't lock their doors at night because nothing really usually goes on. That's kind of scary."

The two suspects who were immediately caught are 18-year-old Jerome Cleggett and a minor.

On Sunday afternoon, Tallahassee police picked up a third suspect, 23-year-old Leslie Miller, on Timberlane Road.

Three of the suspects are facing multiple charges including aggravated battery on an officer and grand theft. Two other suspects still remain at large.