Florida Alcohol Laws Toughen

Florida is cracking down on people who give booze to minors.

As of October 1, the law states people who supply alcohol to minors could lose their driving privileges. It’s already a second degree misdemeanor and carries a maximum fine of $500.

The new law allows the state to revoke or suspend driving rights for adults who supply underage drinkers with alcohol on licensed locations like bars, restaurants, or gas stations.

For the first offense you can lose your license for three to six months. The second time you're caught giving or buying booze for a minor you run the risk of losing your license for a year.

The Senate Business Regulation Committee is looking at ways to put more teeth into Florida's underage drinking law by enhancing the penalties for underage drinkers. Statistics show while teen drug use in Florida is down, alcohol abuse is on the rise.

On any given night in Tallahassee officers say they can make underage drinking arrests. Officers say this new law is just another tool to help reduce the numbers of underage people drinking.