Leon County School Zone Reminder

With close to 200 school buses hitting the streets of Leon County next week, there are some rules of the road drivers should be aware of including watching out for those school zones. On Monday morning 175 school buses will hit the road heading for homeroom.

"We don't have a lot of construction on the roads so we expect things to run smoothly," says Foster Rosser.

Besides dodging construction zones, bus drivers will have to keep their eye out for drivers who can't remember the rules of the road.

Here's a quick review of violation fines:

  • failure to stop for a bus brings a $93 fine
  • passing a bus on the right side, a 233.00 fine

But boarding the bus isn't the only way kids get to roll call. Robert Austin, or as the kids call him, Mr. Bob, has spent the last five years making sure area students get safely to school. Mr. Bob says come Monday morning this road will grow thick with commuters as the hustle and bustle of another school year cranks up.

Fines are doubled when you get caught speeding through a school zone:

  • 6-9 mph over carries an $83.00 fine
  • 15-19 mph over a $283.00 fine

Local law enforcement says they will be out in full force watching for drivers who speed through the school zones. School officials say they have plenty of buses this year to handle the route and expect few delays, but they still need more drivers. About 15-20 more are needed to carry the nearly 13,000 kids who rely on the big yellow bus.