Capital City Chamber Supports Health Tax

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Another group is endorsing Leon County's hotly debated health care plan and the half cent sales tax to support it. The Capital City Chamber of Commerce says its support for the tax is the "right thing to do."

Many of its members are small business owners feeling the impact of the lack of affordable health insurance.

The Chamber Chairman, Terence Hinson, says the effect is crippling.

He said, "We think it helps a lot of our constituents. We do have a lot of small businesses that are members of our Chamber and because they're members we want to show support for them."

The Greater Tallahassee Area Chamber of Commerce said last week it would not support the plan or tax, although the vote was not unanimous.

Leon County voters will make the ultimate decision on November 7. If approved, Leon County's sales tax would go to eight percent.

The health plan is aimed at benefiting people who cannot qualify for insurance through work or government programs and is considered a last resort health care option.