Expanding their Classrooms

Another small Georgia college is trying to keep up with an enrollment boom that has doubled its student body in the past ten years. Southwest Georgia Technical College is adapting to its growing student body very rapidly. We've already brought you reports of new construction on the Thomasville campus and a new campus being planned in Grady County, but school officials say even this isn't enough to keep up with all the new students, and the expansion work will continue.

Technical College is becoming an increasingly popular choice for post-high school students. People who attend classes at Southwest Georgia Technical College say that's becoming more apparent every day.

You'll also see a new facility going up on the Thomasville campus, and this summer the college acquired more land in Grady County. Over the past ten years, enrollment here has skyrocketed by about 157 percent. School officials say to keep up with the increasing student body; they're going to have to keep building.

Students say there are many reasons they've chosen to attend classes here. Whether it be out of convenience or an interest in courses offered. Admissions coordinators say they like to make an extra effort to enlighten potential students.

"We're getting into the schools earlier at earlier ages to see what's here and they don't necessarily have to go off to school to get a four-year degree."

Growth is anticipated to climb steadily over the next few years, and administrators say efforts to keep up will keep going. Students say price is another big attraction to Southwest Georgia Technical College. With the Hope and Pell grants, students can save a lot of money.

Eighth graders from two area middle schools were taken on a tour. Administrators say recruiting them young is the key to having enrollment booms.