Energy Efficient Sales Tax Holiday

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Bill Wilson is shopping for a new washing machine at Lowe’s in Tallahassee. If he waits a few more days though, he could save some money.

Starting Thursday and for one week only, Floridians can buy energy efficient appliances tax free.

"Yeah it’s a good deal anytime you can save tax. Who likes to pay tax?" he said chuckling.

Although the items meeting the energy star guidelines sometimes cost more, consumers who use them say it saves in the long run.

Ian Lofthouse said he just bought a dishwasher but if he would have known about the tax free week he would have liked to have waited. He admits, "every little bit (of savings) counts."

Tallahassee Energy Retail Manager Bob Seaton says there's no better time for the sales break than now, "This is a good opportunity to get the local public thinking about energy conservation and looking at their appliances at home and thinking maybe there's some old ones that could be replaced."

Aside from cutting down on cost, some say you'll also cut down on the number of replacements.

"The home is thirteen years old and I can't think of one or two bulbs that we've had to replace," said Lowell Mook, who has used energy efficient appliances since his home was built.

The sales tax week begins Thursday and lasts until Oct. 11. It applies to appliances meeting the federal Energy Star guidelines and they must cost $1,500 or less.