Obesity Fight

The grant is call the 21st Century Community Leadership Grant and it's exactly what it sounds like; it brings students into the 21st Century by shaping their mind, spirit and body, which is important in this day age, since the number of overweight kids has tripled in the past two decades.

When you think of teaching a child the importance of being well balanced it's almost like rounding the bases in a game of kickball. First you have academics, second you have the social aspect and third brings us to fitness and nutrition. Studies show this is a base more kids should run towards.

Besides long-term health problems, the most immediate consequence of being an overweight child is social discrimination.

With a little help, in the form of a $1 million grant called the 21st Century Grant, Leon County is making after school programs like this one at Belle Vue Middle School more than just a babysitting service.

It gives kids the opportunity to test their strengths and tone their life styles, and helping make sure all the bases are covered.

Leon County has also developed a district wide committee to address the needs of students, looking for ways to work health, fitness and nutrition into everyday curriculum.

Six Leon County schools are involved in 21st Century Programs. The one at Belle Vue is a free program they even provide transportation home. Parents can contact their child's school for more information.