Vocational Boom

There was a time when trade schools meant becoming a mechanic or going to beauty school, but specialty schools are now taking on new students at a record pace.

Debbie Mookas says she liked her job as a teacher, but wanted a career change after she and her husband moved to Tallahassee, but a four-year university isn't what she wanted.

Other students say they were looking for a life and career change too.

"You get to a point where you want something else. I thought this would be best for me to learn specific skill," says Joel Alford.

Experts say that there is a boom for specialty school enrollment, being fueled by a lagging economy and demands for more technically savvy workers.

"With the economy directly related, to our enrollment, People will think about the future and go to technical college," says Bob Gill.

Also at specialty schools students can study everything from guitar making to personal training to computers. Another reason why students may chose to go to technical schools, is because the schools typically keep very close contacts in the industries that they train their students for, making job placement easier, which principal Bob Gill is very excited about.