Clerks Fear Convenience Crimes

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Jeff Thacker, who works as a convenience store clerk at McKenzie's Mart on North Monroe, says he's lucky to be alive. He says last night while he was closing he was a victim to an armed robbery.

"It's pretty scary knowing that you've got a gun to your back and not knowing whether or not they're gonna shoot or if that's all they want, just the money."

Thacker admits it’s risky business. Just a few years back while working at a different convenience store he was pistol whipped and robbed. He says, fortunately, both times he made it out okay.

"I'm just thankful it was clean and no one was hurt and no one else was in the store," he recalled.

Down the street from Monday night's crime scene, Emmanuella Moliere was spending her first day as a clerk learning what to do if robbers strike her store.

"If someone comes through here and tries to rob us they're gonna get everything they want, money, cigarettes,” she said.

And that's what most clerks are taught; hand over the money, don't put up a fight. They say keep surveillance cameras on and use the panic button.

The bottom line is that money can be replaced, but a life cannot.