Jim Davis Rolls Out New Campaign Message

Davis is pledging to lower property taxes by $1 billion while rolling back some of the Republican-sponsored tax cuts during the Bush administration. His opponent, Republican Charlie Crist, has already unveiled a property tax cut plan.

The need for property tax relief may be the one thing on which they both agree. Jim Davis’ first statewide TV ad since winning the Democratic primary promises $1 billion in property tax relief. He says he’ll pay for that relief with a massive rollback on Republican tax cuts that benefited mainly the wealthy.

Jim Davis, (D) Candidate for Governor, said, "I think Florida’s voters have figured out that they’ve been stuck with the bill on this and they’re looking for change."

Davis wants to reduce the amount of property taxes the state requires local governments to raise for schools. He’s also pledging to cap property tax increases on business and rental properties at 10 percent a year.

Property tax relief is high on the agenda for both major party candidates for this office. Charlie Crist has a plan to cut taxes too. Republican Crist wants a constitutional amendment allowing local governments to double your homestead exemption. He says he knows property taxes are a sore subject for homeowners.

Charlie Crist, (R) Candidate for Governor, said, "They’re screaming about it. They’re showing up in busloads at county commission meetings, at city council meetings, and they deserve to have relief."

Outgoing Gov. Jeb Bush joked about the sudden similarity between two very dissimilar candidates.

"Praise the Lord. Both candidates are talking about tax cuts. Times have changed in Florida,” Bush said.

With Charlie Crist leading in the polls by double digits, Davis has some convincing to do to get voters to embrace his plans for change.