Coastal Evacuation Times

Local officials now have a good idea of how long it would take to evacuate our coastal areas in an emergency.

A recent report shows the Taylor County coastal communities could evacuate in a matter of hours in the event of an emergency.

Rick Causey says his family evacuated their Dekle Beach home during Tropical Storm Alberto.

"We had plenty of time to evacuate. We moved all of our stuff to high ground and then came back to the house and got our personal goods that we wanted to keep with us. We carried them to high ground and went to Perry."

Assuming households from the Steinhatchee area would evacuate to cross city, the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council's survey shows they could be completely evacuated in seven hours. Keaton and Dekle Beaches evacuating to Perry should take less than two.

"We can be out of here in 30 minutes if we're notified."

The huge no-named storm of 1993 trapped dozens of people from getting any farther than this area of Dekle Beach Road. Many residents say after witnessing nine people die right here, they will never hesitate to evacuate.

An estimated 2,830 vehicles per hour can be accommodated moving at 26 miles per hour. County officials say while evacuations can be tedious, it's good to know it can be done safely and in a timely manner.

The survey shows Wakulla with an estimated 22 hour hurricane evacuation time, and Franklin County with an eight hour time. To see how these were calculated, go to