Campus Housing Conditions at FAMU

As many college students get ready to head back to class, Florida A&M University housing administrators are asking the question: rebuild or refurbish? FAMU has teamed up with a consulting firm that could help the 115-year-old campus take on a new look.

The dormitories hold a lot of history, and they should since Florida A&M University is more than 100-years-old, but over the years students have voiced complaints from temperamental ac to lack of technology. Now, vice president of student affairs Patricia Green-Powell is taking a closer look.

FAMU housing director Jerry Moore is hopeful all 13 residential facilities will be renovated over the next five to seven years, but Friday FAMU is opening a new 600 off-campus residential hall.

With 30 percent of FAMU's almost 13,000 students living in dorms, administrators say they want to make sure living arrangement help and not hinder academic achievement.

This fall, the consulting firm will be interviewing dorm tenants about their wants and needs. In December, the firm will give FAMU a preliminary report on whether to rebuild or refurbish residence halls.