Congressional Scandal: Foley Was Sexually Molested

There are even more bombshells in the Mark Foley Congressional e-mail scandal. The biggest is Foley's attorney says a clergyman sexually molested his client when he was a teen.

Attorney David Roth also announced flatly that Mark Foley is a gay man and has now entered a treatment program for 30 days, but does not blame alcohol for his troubles.

Congressman Foley resigned Friday after reports that he sent sexually explicit e-mails to boys working as pages at the Capitol.

Tampa Congressman Jim Davis is hoping the Mark Foley sex scandal can make a difference in the Florida governor’s race. The latest polls show Davis trails Republican Charlie Crist by a substantial margin, but Davis says that could change if the voters decide it’s time for a clean sweep in November.

“I think voters are going to react different ways," Davis said. "But this is a year where people do not want to stay the course with the policies in Tallahassee or Washington, and I believe, and I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the campaign, people are looking for change this year.”

Davis was in Tallahassee to unveil his plan to reduce property taxes by $1 billion.