Historical Marker

Sixty years later that hospital and the city are getting recognition for their wartime efforts.

A historical marker will stand from this day forward along Pinetree Boulevard in Thomasville. It's to remind citizens of what once stood on the grounds that are now Southwestern State Hospital.

Ann Harrison with the Thomas County Historical Society said, "It has significance beyond just our borders. It treated soldiers from all over the country and touched thousands of lives."

More than 23,000 soldiers from World War II were treated at Finney General Hospital between 1942 and 1945.

Kathryn Read worked at the bank housed at the Finney facility, her husband the head of the medical department. She says the city did as much for the hospital as the hospital did for the residents of Thomasville.

"It was a time for sadness for many people, but yet there was a love that was felt, the sympathy that was felt."

John Searles was treated at Finney and shared, "I met my wife while I was here. She worked out there. We went together for six months. We got married February 24th. We've been married 60 years."

The chapel and a few barracks are all that remain of Finney General, but now there is a plaque to help future generations remember Thomasville's rich history.