Schools Getting More Cash for Their Class

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The classroom is an instrumental tool setting the tone for the school year.

"We like to put a lot of emphasis on purchasing materials that can help them to do a better job with keeping up with their concepts, so that requires a secure finance for notebooks and organizers to help achieve that goal as well," said Doris Anderson, a teacher at Riley Elementary.

For Tallahassee's Riley Elementary School that goal was hard to reach when Florida teachers were receiving only $100 for classroom supplies. This year that amount more than doubled to $235, thanks to the Florida Teachers Lead Program.

"Finding out it was gonna be a little beyond what we have had received in the past was extremely exciting for me," said Anderson.

The bonus is setting a trend in Leon County schools.

"The morale goes up because now they have more money to do the things that they want to do to get the kids that extra push," said Mary Allen, principal at Riley Elementary.

Anderson said incentive in the classroom is important. The cash is allowing her to purchase rewards for her students.

"Any time there is an increase means we will be able to do more with the students," said Anderson.

School officials are calling this bonus a significant increase, hoping to set the bar for next year.