Rightmire Headed to Prison

By Julie Montanaro
October 4, 7 p.m.

A man convicted of luring a teenager for pornography, sex and more will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

Richard Rightmire was sentenced Wednesday morning to 65 years behind bars for what prosecutors call not a "loss" of innocence but a "larceny" of it.

Richard Rightmire had already been found guilty of luring a teenage girl into having sex and taking pictures of it.

Wednesday, the 65-year-old carpenter was ordered to spend the next 65 years in prison for it.

Judge Kathleen Dekker said after listening to all the details at trial she thinks Rightmire "groomed this young child to become a victim."

Prosecutors contend Rightmire used the girl as his own personal sex toy and the pictures he took were essentially trophies.

A victim's advocate read a letter from the girl's mother aloud in court.

"Hopefully, he never sees the light of day again so other young girls will never have to experience what our daughter has had to experience."

Rightmire faced up to three life sentences. The judge ordered 65 years behind bars, but prosecutors say in this case, same difference.

"He's 65 years old, so any sentence of 15 years or more is probably the functional equivalent of a life sentence for him," said prosecutor Frank Allman.

Before he was fingerprinted and led to prison, Rightmire said he would appeal his conviction and sentence.