Spike Strip Training

By Julie Montanaro
October 4, 7:10 p.m.

A police pursuit that topped 100 miles an hour came to end in Tallahassee this weekend, thanks to a set of spike strips.

Wednesday, Leon County deputies spent the day behind the wheel, practicing how to use spike strips.

It takes at least one pursuing deputy and a team lying in wait on the road ahead.

Metal quills thrust into a bad guy's tires can slow a chase from 100 miles an hour to about 35 in a matter of minutes without anyone losing control.

LCSO Deputy Rob Reisinger calls it a big improvement over tactics of the past.

"Rolling road blocks, ramming people, pit maneuvers, those were the only options we had and those things led to uncontrolled stops, which puts the person in the vehicle, innocent bystanders and the officers at risk and those are all pretty dangerous. This helps reduce those risks."

On Sunday, deputies used the spike strips to halt a chase that crossed from Georgia into Florida.

A van full of stolen equipment and the alleged thieves came to a halt on Meridian Road in Leon County.