Make a Wish

Imagine if you will live in Tallahassee, the stomping ground for Florida State Football, but you don’t fit in, you are a Nebraska fan.

We found a Nebraska boy with a similar problem, he loves FSU football but his home is near the Corn Huskers. Now, one boy’s love has taken him across the country and on to the Seminoles playing field. It’s an action packed All-American sport, football, a game that’s capturing the hearts of teenage boys like Andrew Pawlak.

The 17-year-old from Nebraska has flown across the country with a big wish, the meet his favorite college football coach, Bobby Bowden. “I was nervous because he’s the man, right here in front of me,” said Andrew Pawlak.

Meeting the FSU coach has been a lifelong wish for Andrew, one that came true thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation. You see Andrew may look like a healthy happy teen, but last Christmas he was struck down by a potentially fatal disease called Wegner’s Granulomatosis. Andrews’s mom says it came on like a simple cold.

“Sinusitis, chronic cough, rashes. For him is was a matter of eight days,” said Lynn Pawlak, but Andrew battled it out. He survived three weeks in a coma, he’s in great shape and he’s ready to take on his next battle, this time it’s on the field.

“He’ll probably be here Monday, or Tuesday. We are mighty happy to have him here. Hope he has a good time,” said FSU Head Football Coach, Bobby Bowden.