Tallahassee Tea Party Demonstrators Still Rallying For Lower Utility Bills

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Those gathered at Tea Parties nationwide yesterday had one mission....to show their unhappiness about the direction the country is headed.

On a local level, many Tallahassee residents were demonstrating their unhappiness about the way the city is spending money from residents' utility rates.

More than 500 people signed a petition that will be presented to the city commission.

The goal is to get a utility board to oversee the operation of the city utilities.

One supporter says the city should not be operating off of the resident's high utility bills.

"Tallahassee has the highest utility rates in the state and so we need to have the city start living within the budget and not off the profits of utilities," says Pace Allen, founder of Taxteaparty.com.

The date that the signatures will be presented at a city commission will be decided on April 22nd. The commission meeting will either be May 27th, or June 24th.

On that date, the city commission will be taking public imput on charter review committee issues, and the signed cards will be presented in hopes the city will adopt the Tallahassee Utility Authority.

They will continue to collect signatures online until the meeting.

For more information about this petition and about the tax day tea parties, head to www.tallahasseereports.com or www.taxteaparty.com.

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