Big Break in ATM Burglary Case

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Leon County sheriff's deputies and Tallahassee police have been tailing a group of ATM bandits for the last couple of months, and now they've got a key piece of evidence. The group of bandits tried about a dozen times to steal ATMs using stolen trucks, chains and persistence, but they failed each time.

Mark Meadows with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "We knew they were still out there and we knew they would hit again."

This week a break in the case came with the arrest of Leslie Miller. Investigators say he confessed to at least one of the ATM burglaries after his palm print was found on another stolen truck used in one of the attempts.

It was a phone call he made out of the Leon County Jail that led detectives to another stolen truck believed to be linked with several of the ATM burglary attempts. It was found in the backyard of a Lakewood neighborhood home in Tallahassee on Wednesday.

CAPT Rob Swearingen with the Leon County Sheriff's Office said, “We intercepted some phone calls between him and some of the other suspects discussing the vehicle."

Swearingen added that Miller told his accomplices during that conversation to wipe the vehicle clean of prints and move it. Undercover sheriff's detectives spotted the same truck last week, but lost it during a high speed chase.

Two men were questioned at the home where the truck was found, but were not charged in connection with the ATM burglaries, so the search continues for the others involved.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Leon County Sheriff's Office or the Tallahassee Police Department.