Hunting for the Hungry

The holiday season is just around the corner aany of our family gatherings focus around the dinner table. There are many among us who need help feeding their families. One local group is stepping forward, asking area hunters to do something they love while also helping feed the needy.

The Valdosta chapter of "Buckmasters" is asking all local hunters to donate to the "Hunters For the Hungry" program. They say it’s a great way to enjoy their sport while helping people in need. As the holiday season approaches, more people will be calling on local food banks to help feed their families.

"It gives you an opportunity to give back. You know hunters' dollars help take care of wildlife, this year they're letting us kill 10 does. Well hunters aren't going to need 10 does. This is an opportunity to shoot a couple of does and donate to the program and feed a lot of people that are less fortunate than we are," says Tony Franks.

Officials with the Valdosta Food Bank say they don't get enough meat to satisfy demand, but deer meat is ideal, because it is so rich in protein.

"We're always in a constant need of meat, and deer meat is just as good as any other. And the hunters are out there making those kills and so is a really food source to help us," Matthew Thompson says.

Supporters of the Hunters For the Hungry program say it not only benefits needy people, but encourages hunters to kill their total limit of deer, which helps keep the population from growing dangerously large

"They can kill a couple of does and carry them up to the processor, drop them off, and they're killing two birds with one stone. They're taking care of their problem and they're donating to a good cause. You're not going to find a better cause," says hunter Paul McSwain.

Another incentive for hunters, their donation is tax deductible. All they need to do to make a donation is take their deer to a USDA certified butcher, and tell the butcher to give the meat to the local food bank.