Body Found Update

The friends and family of Shermayne Jones are anxious for answers. They don't know who would have done it, or why. Shermayne's girlfriend is the one who called deputies. He hadn't answered the phone in days or even shown up for work, but murder was something she never imagined.

"I didn't think anything like this would happen. I mean, I felt something was wrong but not to this extent, so I didn't think nobody was out to hurt him so it was a big shocker," Shermayne’s girlfriend says.

Deputies found Shermayne's body inside his Tallahassee apartment back on October 16. They have not made public how he died and have not commented on a possible motive either, but detective dawn butler says investigators are intent on making an arrest and are busy interviewing dozens of people.

"This is a very in depth investigation based on the large number of people associated with Shermayne. It's taking some time and it will take a while longer to complete the investigation," says Dawn Butler.

Shermayne's girlfriend is afraid to show her face until the killer is caught. She fears he could strike again, and more than anything she wants to know why he did it.

"I've been trying to think about it, wondering what, you know, reason could they do it for and I just haven't come up with a reason why."

Of course, the killer could be a he or a she. If you have any information about the murder of Shermayne Jones, call the Leon County Sheriff's Office at 922-3300.