City Paying for Out-of-State Trip

City is using grant money to fund the trip for ten students, a move that's scoring high marks with students and school officials. Arsenio Bright is a Howard Middle School student who dreams of exploring a world outside of Jefferson County, and thanks to the city council, Bright will be making a trip to Washington, D.C.

"I'm very excited to go on such a fantastic trip so I'm going to learn a lot of things and see places I've never seen before," says Arsenio.

School officials say many of the students at Howard Middle School are from low-income families and have never traveled outside the county.

"For some kids it will be the first time some of the kids have gotten outside of Jefferson County. We have kids that have never ever been to Tallahassee, sad to say, but this will be an enormous trip for some of these kids,” says Principal Elijah Norton.

Iesha Jackson made the trip last year. She says the experience opened her eyes to a whole new world.

"It's different from Monticello they have more buildings, everything is taller than Monticello. Monticello is a small county and Washington you get to experience big things you have big opportunities," Iesha says.

Opportunities the city hopes a few more students will get a chance to explore.

"I speak on behalf of the Council they're excited to give these children an opportunity it really helps bring it alive to them to bring it into person," says Julie Conley, Monticello City Clerk.

And in March of next year, 45 students will be making a trip of a lifetime. The total cost for the trip is $495, and only 35 students were able to raise money for the trip by doing a few different fundraising projects.