Mock Disaster Helps Prepare Grady County Emergency Workers

Don't worry, this was just a drill. The real disaster would be if the emergency teams didn't know how to handle a real-life situation like it. Thursday's mock disaster was all part of an elaborate training session. Anyone driving down Highway 93 in Cairo may have been wondering why all the fire trucks and ambulances were surrounding the Southwest Georgia Family Medical Center.

The mock emergency across the street from Grady General Hospital offered true-to-life practice for medical teams. The call comes in: a collapsed roof and fire inside the Southwest Georgia Family Medical Center. It may look like the real thing, but this emergency is only a practice run.

"Drills like these are conducted several times a year to make sure EMTs and area law enforcement workers are on their toes should a disaster really happen."

Organizers say participants did an excellent job making the drill as real as possible.

"It makes you realize how much work it takes to get ready for a real disaster."

Now if a real disaster happens, drill organizers hope many more lives will be saved. Another mock drill was held at the exchange club fairgrounds Thursday night. It's an exercise for the Thomas County SWAT team. The mock situation has them trying to gain control back over a busload of escaped convicts.