Amber Alert Put in Action

Wednesday, Leon County schools got a bit of a scare when a mentally challenged student turned up missing. FDLE issued a countywide Amber Alert, sending school leaders and law enforcement officers into overdrive.

Shortly after 10:30 Wednesday, a student disappeared from a field trip and plans no one thought they would have to use were put in place. That child was 17-year-old Nevada Fisher, a student at Gretchen Everhart, a school for the mentally challenged.

Shortly after her disappearance police swarmed the store and a countywide Amber Alert like this one was issued. Using radio, television and phone messages, local law enforcement put the community on the look out for the teen.

Once the amber alert was given calls flooded the Leon County sheriff's office. People reported seeing Nevada walking along this stretch of Thomasville Road. Nevada was ultimately found between Tony's Garden Patch and the Supercenter.

School officials say while there was a happy ending to this nightmare; their main emphasis is prevention. Superintendent Montford says the district will look at its policies on field trips and changes could be on the way.

Leon County schools sent out their own message over cable channel 22 and 23. The Missing Children Information Clearing House was pleased with how well the Leon County Sheriff's Office conducted their Amber Alert.

Superintendent Montford says for every three students there was a chaperon with them at Wal-Mart.