Mobile Sheriff's Office in Gadsden County

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Dog fighting, drugs and violence are crimes dominating some areas of Gadsden County. Thursday Sheriff Morris Young was in the sawdust community discussing some of the issues residents are facing and ways to resolve them.

Bernice Clark is fed up and frustrated with drug activity and various other crimes she says dominate her sawdust neighborhood.

Clark is one of several residents voicing their concerns to Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young.

Leroy Ross said, "Somebody needs to patrol out here. That's what they need to do. Time they send an officer out here. They wait until the officer leaves and they come right back.”

Sheriff Young is hoping a constant presence in some of these drug infested areas will send a message of zero tolerance, making it a safer place to raise families.

Martina McClay said, "It's just hard. My baby could be sleeping. They're making lots of noises; she wakes up so I have to wake up."

Deputies say Pine Cone Street in sawdust has become a haven for drug activity and addicts from surrounding counties. It's also a dumping ground for beer bottles that can become potential weapons for criminals.

So what do these residents want from Sheriff Young?

Mary Williams said, “To continue what he's doing, especially the cold cases where all these murders, and we will feel safer in the neighborhood."

Deputies have set up a mobile office at the local park inviting residents to join them in their efforts to end crime in the area.

The sheriff will be heading to several drug prone areas, Havana, Gretna and Midway, talking to residents in hopes of making the community a better place to live.