Robbery Suspect Leaps From Courthouse

By Julie Montanaro
October 5, 6:30 p.m.

A man wanted for robbery tries to escape capture at the Leon County Courthouse Thursday morning.

He jumped a fourth floor railing and landed two stories later on top of an innocent bystander.

Crime tape surrounds the spot where it all started.

Keys, sunglasses and an expended taser cartridge are all that's left of a tussle between a man wanted for robbery and the deputy who tried to arrest him.

"He was struggling and kicking and trying to break free while he was hanging over the fourth floor ledge and at that point," said SGT Arthur Barnes, “I pulled out my taser and tased him and everybody fell to the floor."

SGT Barnes, with the help of two other courthouse employees, may have spared the man a head first leap to the county seal four floors below, but 25-year-old David Adams, who just got out of prison two months ago, was apparently determined not to go back.

"He took off running and ran down to the south end, when he jumped from the fourth floor to the third floor then to the second floor on an innocent bystander," said Barnes.

"He was hollering a lot of profane language about how he didn't want to go back to jail and all this stuff and he had blood coming from his left eye," said Quinessa Hatchett.

"He was being very combative, fighting with the deputy," said Darryl Hackett, "at that point he broke away from the deputy and started running and I tackled him to assist the deputy, you know, to get him in handcuffs."

When Adams made his leap, he landed on a 19-year-old man who may have suffered a broken arm.

Adams was bleeding and taken to the hospital too, but folks at the courthouse say after a leap like that, he’s lucky to be alive.

At last word, Adams was hospitalized in stable condition and faces a handful of new charges for fighting and fleeing. We have no word on the other man's condition.