Area Students Fly High Like Soldiers

Aspiring U.S. soldiers are getting the ride of their lives aboard a military helicopter.

As the rides arrive, Taylor County Junior R.O.T.C. students imagine being soldiers before taking off on a U.S. Military CH-47 Chinook Helicopter.

Once higher than 1,000 feet in the sky, many of them say it makes them feel like real soldiers.

That imagination will turn into reality much sooner for some.

Seth Mardis, who is a 12th Grade J.R.O.T.C. Student says, "Everything makes me feel like a real soldier. I actually joined the National Guard about two months ago and I will be trained to be on a Chinook. So it was a good thing that I actually got to fly on one."

Two choppers flew the 46 students to Camp Blanding near Starke, Florida for their annual orientation retreat.

This is the first time they have flown there.

Amanda Jennings, who is a 10th Grade J.R.O.T.C. Student, said of the experience, "It was amazing. Flying 800 feet in the air or higher. I was a little nauseous at first, but it was so much fun."

Ryan Miller, also a 10th Grade J.R.O.T.C. Student had the same sentiments. "It was pretty neat; the first time I've ever been in the air," he said.

While at Camp Blanding, they will train, run the obstacle course, and have a little recreation time, but the group of cadets says it's the priceless ride through the sky they will never forget.

The Junior R.O.T.C. team will be at Camp Blanding for three days, but unfortunately, they will have to take a school bus back.