Tallahassee Wal-Mart Offers $4 Drugs

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Tallahassee resident June Parr spends about $200 a month on medication. Starting Friday she won't have to shell out so much for those pricey prescriptions.

Every Wal-Mart in Florida, including Tallahassee, is rolling back prices offering more than 300 generics at just $4 a month.

"This is going to be a boondoggle."

Many customers like Julie and Wendall Brown say they knew it was coming, just not this soon.

"Since they had it in the south part of the state, it being the capital, I should think we would have it here," said Julie.

Now it is, and here's an example. Vazutec, a blood pressure medicine costing almost $37 a month, the generic is now just $4. And a cholesterol lowering medication, Mevacor, is $51 a month. Now the generic is $4.

And if that's not convincing enough, calculate this: Glucophage which is taken for diabetes is normally about $51 a month. The generic once again is just $4. That's a savings of about $47.

"It is going to help me because even with the new Medicare prescription drug program that was not particularly beneficial but with this roll back in drug prices for the generics for four dollars for a prescription that is really going to help. Yeah. It's super. It's a great idea," said Wal-Mart customer Sheila Jett.

Wendall Brown says he just hopes it’s not too good to be true.

“We think it’s wonderful. It's long overdue. I just hope it’s a program that financially can continue for many years down the line."

Savings are anywhere between 20 to 90 percent.